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General InformationCrafted itemEconomyProfessionSource
NameLevelTypeMaterialsItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%MarkupRec.SIBFound on
 Level VII Finder Amplifier 'Athena' (L) Blueprint (L)7Finder Amplifier6Level VII Finder Amplifier 'Athena' (L)198113.00% 40.3246.74115.922000.00%15YesPlanet Arkadia
Terra Amp 1 (L) Blueprint1Finder Amplifier6Terra Amp 1 (L)45113.00% 5.646.63117.61.00 PED0YesPlanet Arkadia
Terra Amp 2 (L) Blueprint2Finder Amplifier7Terra Amp 2 (L)195110.26% 35.4636.52103.01400.00 PED2.5YesPlanet Arkadia
 Terra Amp 2 (L) Blueprint (L)2Finder Amplifier6Terra Amp 2 (L)195  35.4536.51103.0 2.5YesPlanet Arkadia
Terra Amp 3 (L) Blueprint3Finder Amplifier7Terra Amp 3 (L)300110.00% 58.9161.22103.9199.00 PED5YesPlanet Arkadia
 Terra Amp 3 (L) Blueprint (L)3Finder Amplifier6Terra Amp 3 (L)300110.00% 58.9061.21103.9 5YesPlanet Arkadia
Terra Amp 4 (L) Blueprint4Finder Amplifier7Terra Amp 4 (L)315  48.7250.37103.4680.00 PED7.5YesPlanet Arkadia
 Terra Amp 4 (L) Blueprint (L)4Finder Amplifier6Terra Amp 4 (L)315  48.7150.36103.4 7.5 Planet Arkadia
Terra Amp 5 (L) Blueprint5Finder Amplifier6Terra Amp 5 (L)325117.00% 61.9865.10105.01750.00 PED10YesPlanet Arkadia
Terra Amp 5 (L) Blueprint (L)5Finder Amplifier5Terra Amp 5 (L)325  61.9665.08105.0 10YesPlanet Arkadia
 Terra Amp 6 (L) Blueprint0Finder Amplifier6Terra Amp 6 (L)338  43.8846.82106.7   Planet Arkadia
 Terra Amp 6 (L) Blueprint (L)6Finder Amplifier5Terra Amp 6 (L)338125.00% 43.8846.43105.8 12.5YesPlanet Arkadia
 Terra Amp 7 (L) Blueprint0Finder Amplifier7Terra Amp 7 (L)360  43.7451.55117.9   Planet Arkadia
 Terra Amp 7 (L) Blueprint (L)0Finder Amplifier6Terra Amp 7 (L)360  43.7050.07114.6   Planet Arkadia
 Terra Amp 8 (L) Blueprint0Finder Amplifier8Terra Amp 8 (L)385  70.9483.68118.0   Planet Arkadia
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