Creature Maturity Levels
Attributes of the creatures and Damage vs. Armor calculations. When adding an armor, you will see the average damage and decay by default, based on a 50% to 100% damage interval with a random distriburion. You can change this to Max damage, Min damage and Critical hit in the dropdown menu. Armor decay is explained on the Armor Decay page. Showing 4692 of 56 items.
General InformationAttributesDamage types
Attacks/minCreatureMaturityHealthRegen. TimeRegen. SpeedDamageDamage PotentialDanger LevelHP/LvlThreatTaming LevelSpeedAgilityIntelligencePsycheStaminaStrengthStbCutImpPenShrBrnCldAcdElc
 50 Foot Android Party GirlSingle Maturity Mob   110 50                  
  50 Foot Digital Party GirlSingle Maturity Mob     50                  
  50 Foot Fembot Party GirlSingle Maturity Mob     50                  
  50 Foot Glamor Party GirlSingle Maturity Mob     50                  
 5P1D3RGeneration I1000  22Small9111.12200  2269967100104         
 Generation II2000  44Medium18111.18800  2269967200104         
 Generation V5000   Great47106.4   2269967500104         
 Generation IX9000   Huge84107.1   2269967900104         
 Generation III3000   Medium20150   2269967300104         
 Generation IV4000   Large37108.1   2269967400104         
 Generation VI6000   Great56107.1   2269967600104         
 Generation VII7000   Great66106.1   2269967700104         
 Generation VIII8000   Huge75106.7   2269967800104         
 Generation X10000   Huge94106.4   22699671000104         
     HPsHP/sHP    Levelm/s              
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