Avatar: Felix Faalagorn Ostrowski
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Given Name:Faalagorn
Society Rank:N/A
Entropedia Account:Faalagorn (talk)
Profession:Cartographer, Explorer, Sweat Gatherer, Hunter, Opportunist
Prof. Standing:Beginner Sweat Gatherer
Highest Skill:836
Total Skills:5030
Skill date:10-05-2009
Date of Arrival:03-09-2008
Place of Arrival:Port Atlantis
Felix Avatar Ostrowski, Freelancer, casual Entropia Universe player, explorer, expert in sweating . I'm also hunting, looking for stones, fruits and dung or healing others from time to time, also doing a fair bit of trading. So far I've never deposited, but I'm not totally against it. I just don't want to deposit not knowing how to actually profit .


I've joined and started playing Entropia Universe in 2008, when the Xfire's event Hours d'Entropia was held - it was also the first time I've ever heard about Project Entropia/Entropia Universe.

After finding myself a mentor (Karsa Toblakai Orlong) and playing for a while, I was suggested to find myself a society, choosing the NBK. A while after that I made myself a longer break in EU (what happens from time to time ^^), I was kicked from society due to my inactivity. After returning back to Entropia Universe, I reapplied to NBK. Later I was kicked from the society for the reason I've never been told about... Right now I'm a Freelancer, thinking about joining another soc.
I've also brought a friend & roommate into both Entropia Universe.

I'm rather a casual player, not a type of a person that is skilling like mad, hence despite spending a lot playing time in EU, my skillgains are very slow. I'm also focused not to lose any money while playing EU (but that doesn't mean I don't want to invest anything), hence I'm not depositing just to gain the skills (and I'm having fun without hunting too ^^). In Entropia Universe I'm mostly focused in exploring the world and trying to get to know each aspect of game in-depth, so I'm a kind of a researcher .

As of November 2009:
  • I deposited 0 times (0 PEDs).
  • I withdrew 0 times (0 PEDs).
  • I chipped in 0 times (0 skill points).
  • I chipped out 0 times (0 skill points).

Personal Achievements:
  • 10 May 2009: promotion to Sergeant in NBK Legion - 5k total skills, all Eudoria teleporters.


I've discovered Entropedia near the beginning of my play, at the same time finding a lot of other interesting EU sites. Some time later I've made an account and I've started doing some edits from time to time. After going back to Entropia in 2009 from my longer brake, I went back into editing, this time spending a much more effort. Now it's late 2009 and I'm back again, first time for real since the VU10 (as of November) .
Most of my edits are simple adding or changing just one value, yet from time to time I'm doing a more deeper edits uploading a set of pictures, editing a lot of similar articles or suggesting some bigger changes.
I'm using PNG optimized with pngslim when possible and I'm caring about XHTML compatibility.

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The avatar's profession levels.

BLP Pistoleer (Hit)Combat0.63Edit
BLP Sniper (Hit)Combat3.02Edit
Brawler (Dmg)Combat1.54Edit
Brawler (Hit)Combat0.32Edit
Decoy DispenserCombat0.59Edit
Electro Kinetic (Dmg)Combat1.32Edit
Electro Kinetic (Hit)Combat0.35Edit
Gauss Sniper (Hit)Combat3.02Edit
Grenadier (Dmg)Combat1.2Edit
Grenadier (Hit)Combat0.6Edit
Knifefighter (Dmg)Combat1.2Edit
Knifefighter (Hit)Combat0.37Edit
Laser Pistoleer (Hit)Combat1.79Edit
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The avatar's skill levels.

Laser Weaponry Technology836.36ConstructionNoEdit
Sweat Gatherer359.58MindforceNoEdit
Combat Reflexes252.64CombatNoEdit
Weapons Handling241.37CombatNoEdit
Inflict Ranged Damage203.46CombatNoEdit
First Aid172.54MedicalNoEdit
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