Avatar: Tiberium VALI ValentinuM
Specifications                  [Edit]
Given Name:Tiberium
Society:NBK Elite
Entropedia Account:vazi01 (talk)
Profession:Trader, MF- psychotropian
Place of Arrival:Port Atlantis

I'm a PROUD member of the NBK-SQUAD.



1. trading services  - sale/buy in PA south wall - mainly SUPLY Materials (tailoring, beauty & texture); paints; residues; oils; generic components; dung; fruits- feel free to asck.

2. healling services- biotropy-  price/duration any other terms are open for negociations

3. crafting service: textures lvl 1 & lvl 2; components lvl 1 & lvl 2;

4. coloring & texturizing services lvl 1

5. free assistance in TP runs & rescue missions

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