Medical Tool: GYRO Combat FAP-10 (L)
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Weight:4 kg
Heal:16 HP
Effective Heal:14 HP
Start Interval:12 HP
Uses:38 /Min
Reload:1.58 sec
Heal/second:8.87 HP
Maximal TT:31 PED
Minimal TT:0.93 PED
Heals:1502 Total
Decay:2.002 PEC
Cost:2.002 PEC
Heal/PEC:6.99 HP
Recommended Level:6 Levels
Maxed:10 Levels
Found on:Planet Arkadia

Variant: Combat Fast Aid Pack

Availability: Crafted

Preceding Model: GYRO Combat FAP - 6 (L)

Next Model: GYRO Combat FAP - 14 (L)


This is the third model in the series.


The central healing rotor is mounted inside two

orthogonal gimbals, providing incredible stability

regardless of the rotation or orientation of the FAP

unit. The GYRO Combat FAP is purpose built for

combat. It has been designed with less of its energy

going into healing and more going to a quick recharge,

giving extra speed when it is needed most.


'The Imperial Federal Navy commenced research

to adapt the GYRO FAP for combat conditions almost immediately.'

-IFN Headquarters Arkadia: Medical Manual

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