Material: Animal Oil Residue
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:0.001 kg
Value:0.01 PED
Found on:Entropia Universe
User Value:100.50 % (2020-02-11)
This animal oil residue can be used again in the manufacturing process.

Other Uses

50Treasure Map 1
150Treasure Map 3
800Viceroy Arm Guards
900Viceroy Foot Guards
700Viceroy Gloves
2100Viceroy Harness
800Viceroy Helmet
700Viceroy Shin Guards
700Viceroy Thigh Guards

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Blueprints where the material is used.

BlueprintAmountCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Base Synthetic Leather Texture Blueprint280.280.28100.5Entropia Universe
Black and White Polka dot Texture Blueprint (L)30.030.03100.5Entropia Universe
Cyrene Collectible Rhino Beetle Blueprint500.500.50100.5Entropia Universe
Ferguson's All Purpose Lube Blueprint (L)30.030.03100.5Entropia Universe
Ozpyn Matrix Blueprint30.030.03100.5Entropia Universe
Red and White Polka Dot Texture Blueprint (L)30.030.03100.5Entropia Universe
Synthetic Boffin Leather Texture Blueprint (L)210.210.21100.5Entropia Universe
Synthetic Imperium Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.200.20100.5Entropia Universe
Synthetic Turrelion Leather Texture Blueprint (L)220.220.22100.5Entropia Universe
Synthetic Volcanic Leather Texture Blueprint (L)210.210.21100.5Entropia Universe
Synthetic Zekkonian Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.200.20100.5Entropia Universe
Synthetic Zyn'Tukano Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.200.20100.5Entropia Universe
Tamer Intimidation Horns Blueprint (L)240.240.24100.5Entropia Universe
Turrelion Goldenweave Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)150.150.15100.5Entropia Universe
Turrelion Goldenweave Boots (L) Blueprint (L)150.150.15100.5Entropia Universe
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This item has been reported to drop from these creatures.

CreatureFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
Swamp LurkerVery oftenPrimeEdit
SunjoqOftenJuvenile YoungEdit
 Jeef ZajerOftenMedianEdit
Motörhead SecurityVery oftenOutcast17.23.2.aLast VUEdit
Vampire ChickVery oftenNew BornLast VUEdit
WerewolfVery oftenYoungLast VUEdit
Lemmy DragonOftenYoungLast VUEdit
Zombie Biker NomadOftenTeenLast VUEdit
Scavenger WolfCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Digital Club DollVery oftenShyLast VUEdit
Zombie Biker EnforcerVery oftenOldLast VUEdit
City WolfVery oftenYoungLast VUEdit
Zombie Biker ProspectVery oftenTeenLast VUEdit
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