Mission: Mining Challenge: Lysterium I
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Mission Chain:Mining Challenge Lysterium
Objective:Find Lysterium deposits worth 100 points
Reward:0.3 PED Prospecting or 0.3 PED Mining
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Mining Guild Representative (Corinth)
Nearest City:Cape Corinth



  • Find Lysterium deposits worth 100 points
    • 0 of 100



Choose one of the following:
  • Increase Prospecting by 0.30 PED
  • Increase Mining by 0.30 PED


Mining Guild Representative

The Imperial Geology Institute of Earth want you to help map the Lysterium deposits of the colony planet Calypso.

In this first stage you will need to find Lysterium deposits worth 100 points. Points are awarded based on the deposit size as follows:

Minimal: 5 percent to get 1 point
Tiny: 25 percent to get 1 point
Very Poor: 1 point
Poor: 2 points
Small: 3 points
Modest: 5 points
Average: 6 points
Medium: 8 points
Ample: 12 points
Considerable: 18 points
Sizeable: 25 points
Large: 35 points
Abundant: 50 points
Great: 75 points
Substantial: 125 points
Significant: 200 points
Plentiful: 300 points
Huge: 450 points
Extremely Large: 650 points
Massive: 800 points
Vast: 1200 points
Enormous: 2500 points
Rich: 5000 points
Gigantic: 25000 points
Mammoth and up: 60000 points


  • Accept
  • Decline

Mission Chain

Mining Challenge: Lysterium I
Objective:Find Lysterium deposits worth 100 Points
Reward: Prospecting (eq. 0.30 PED implant) or
Mining (eq. 0.30 PED implant)
Mining Challenge: Lysterium II
Objective:Find Lysterium deposits worth 500 Points
Reward: Prospecting (eq. 1.50 PED implant) or
Mining (eq. 1.50 PED implant)
Mining Challenge: Lysterium III
Objective:Find Lysterium deposits worth 1000 Points
Reward: Prospecting (eq. ?.00 PED implant) or
Mining (eq. ?.00 PED implant)

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