Creature: Oro
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Maturity Class:Animal
Found on:Planet Arkadia
Damage types
Stab:30 %
Cut:50 %
Impact:20 %
HP of least Maturity:50 HP
Scanning:Animal Investigator
Minimum Global level:10 PED
Planet Arkadia
IFN Challenge - Oro Stage 1
Kill 75 Oro
Reward: Rifle (eq. 0.10 PED implant)
IFN Challenge - Oro Stage 2
Kill 400 Oro
Reward: BLP Weaponry Technology (eq. 0.53 PED implant)
IFN Challenge - Oro Stage 3
Kill 1200 Oro
Reward: Dexterity (eq. 1.58 PED implant)
IFN Challenge - Oro Stage 4
Kill 4800 Oro
Reward: Oro Trophy Head +
Anatomy (e.q. 6.30 PED implant) or
Perception (eq. 6.30 PED implant)
IFN Challenge - Oro Stage 5
Kill 12000 Oro
Reward: Agility (25 tokens) +
Handgun (e.q. 8.72 PED implant) or
Heavy Melee Weapons (e.q. 8.72 PED implant) or
Laser Weaponry Technology (e.q. 8.72 PED implant)
IFN Killpoint Challenge - Oro Stage 6 (Repeatable)
Objective: Kill Oro worth 60000 kill points
Reward: Oro Figurine +
Rifle (e.q. 12.38 PED implant)
Killpoint values (Stage 6)
Young - 10 points
Mature - 12 points
Old - 14 points
Provider - 17 points
Guardian - 19 points
Dominant - 23 points
Alpha - 27 points
Old Alpha - 30 points
Prowler - 35 points
Stalker - 40 points

Although relatively small, the Oro is quite prominent and distinctive due to the large crest upon it's head.

Liberation Fleet scouts soon discovered the Oro was at its most dangerous in large numbers, or catching the casual colonist unaware. It has become one of Arkadia's most easily recognisable creatures.



Codex Rewards


Rank 1: 

Rank 2: 0.0625 PED

Rank 3: 0.0585 PED

Rank 4: 0.0781 PED

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Maturity Levels

Attributes of the creature. Damage vs. Armor calculations.

MaturityHealthRegen. SpeedDamageDanger LevelHP/LvlThreatTaming Level
Young50 1577.175 
Mature70 1888.8126 
Old100 22812.5220 
Provider120 26913.3312 
Guardian150 301015450 
Dominant180 351116.4630 
Alpha210 411217.5861 
Old Alpha240 471318.51128 
Prowler280 531518.71484 
Stalker320 6016201920 
 HPHP/sHP   Level

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Loots from this creature. The "Last VU" button updates the "Latest VU" column to the current VU. Entries with a red background have not yet been reported to drop this VU. Warning: Some loots may be false.
The "Maturity" column is used to indicate the lowest maturity from which an item has been looted.

ItemFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
WoolCommonYoung17.13.0Last VUEdit
Electronic Stabilizing ComponentCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Bullseye I (L)UncommonYoungLast VUEdit
Arkace TimberOftenYoung17.12.1Last VUEdit
Animal Eye OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
Animal HideOftenYoungLast VUEdit
Animal Oil ResidueVery oftenYoungLast VUEdit
Paint Can (Brown)CommonYoungLast VUEdit
Thin WoolCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Oro HideOftenYoungLast VUEdit
Paint Can (Navy)UncommonMatureLast VUEdit
Animal Muscle OilOftenYoungLast VUEdit
Basic Cloth ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Basic Stone ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
Oro Cranial BladeUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
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Where the creature can be found.

ContinentLonLatTypeNameDensityLand Area
Planet Arkadia2930522845CreatureOro Guardian to StalkerHigh
Planet Arkadia218009600Oro Provider to StalkerHigh
Planet Arkadia2167025099Oro Young to DominantHigh
Planet Arkadia2577814642Oro Young to OldMedium
Planet Arkadia1440015500Oro Young to OldLow
Planet Arkadia236009400Oro Young to ProviderHigh
Planet Arkadia2969017822Oro Young to ProviderLow
Planet Arkadia2110417216Oro Young to ProviderLow
Planet Arkadia1550026100Oro Young to ProviderMedium

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Defence Skills

The following skills are involved by being attacked by this creature.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: AgilityNo840
Combat: Combat ReflexesNo111600
Combat: Combat SenseYes6800
Defense: AvoidanceYes70
Defense: EvadeNo250
General: AlertnessNo50
General: AthleticsNo14533.3
General: CourageNo7320
General: IntuitionYes31600
General: QuicknessYes93200
General: SerendipityYes51600

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Scanning Skills

You get these skills by scanning the creature.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: IntelligenceNo280
General: PerceptionNo51600
Information: ProbingNo60
Information: Scan AnimalNo460
Science: AnalysisNo100
Science: BiologyNo100
Science: BotanyNo80
Science: ComputerNo20
Science: ScientistYes51600
Science: XenobiologyYes40
Science: ZoologyNo20

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