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TypeItemPropertiesAmountValueMarkupMarkupExpiresExpiration periodDelete
MaterialBLP Pack  0.00010.00 59ResetDelete
WeaponCastorian Combat EnBlade-A  15.80.00 59ResetDelete
WeaponCastorian EnKnuckles-A  170.00 59ResetDelete
WeaponCastorian Survival EnBlade-A  13.50.00 59ResetDelete
FinderGenesis Rookie MatterSeeker (L)  0.050.00 59ResetDelete
MaterialGenesis Rookie Seismic Bomb  0.10.00 59ResetDelete
MaterialGenesis Rookie Survey Probe  0.20.00 59ResetDelete
Misc. ToolGenesis Star Basic RefinerPrice: 2.001   59ResetDelete
 Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/01  20.00 59ResetDelete
 Genesis Star Energy Extractor EE/01  2.40.00 59ResetDelete
Misc. ToolGoot Tailoring Material Refiner TMR-1  150.00 59ResetDelete
WeaponHerman LAW-0 (L)  3  59ResetDelete
MaterialOmegaton Decoy  0.250.00 59ResetDelete
Misc. ToolOmegaton Distractor DD-20  8.60.00 59ResetDelete
WeaponOmegaton M2100  2.20.00 59ResetDelete
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