Society: Swedich Drunken Wikings
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Leader:Hans Totte Hamberg
Founder:Hans Totte Hamberg
Found Date:04-11-2003
People Rank:21
Average HP:117.8
Average Total Skill:78625.8
Average Highest Skill:4171.6
A somewhat crazy society that think fun is more important than skills.

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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
Alexander Alex SubraianAlexSenior HunterSweden 38454170011020-11-2005Port Atlantis
 Alexander GraVit ThoorGraVitJunior HunterSwedenHunter, Crafter, Miner573512673113201-12-2005Port Atlantis
 Alexander ThoorAlexanderJunior HunterSwedenMiner, Crafter, Hunter561211800012901-01-2005Port Atlantis
 Bad Santa BystromSantaHunterSwedenHunter, Miner356751584109 Port Atlantis
Christoffer Crille SamuelssonCrillePupilSwedenHunter  10401-04-2004Port Atlantis
 Chucky MacRoy WinterMacRoySenior HunterSwedenHunter2200 9701-03-2006Port Atlantis
 Douglas Dogge AKDoggeHunterSweden     Port Atlantis
 Entoor Agathan BlackAgathan Black Sweden      
 Fred Fornon NondaNondaSenior HunterSwedenHunter, Crafter, Miner7725 16616-03-2011Rocktropia
 Haan TomanelleHaanPupilSwedenSweater, hunter187 91 Port Atlantis
 Hans Totte HambergTotteLeaderSweden    20-05-2003Port Atlantis
 Harry Harald NeldrepalpeHarrySenior HunterSweden 3620 109 Port Atlantis
 hiro hirokama nikamaruhiroHunterSweden      
 John Carver Cougar LoudCougarSergeantSwedenHunter,Miner695115968716806-01-2005Port Atlantis
 Jonas rönnis RönnbäckRönnis Sweden 17171631697  
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