Society: We are the Fish
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Leader:Crazy cf Fish
Founder:Crazy cf Fish
Found Date:13-07-2010
Average HP:151.0
Average Total Skill:130674.0
Average Highest Skill:6152.0

This society was created by Crazy Fish on 13 July 2010. We are a society mainly for new players although anyone is welcome to join.


What's in a name?

The name of the society is taken from the English phrase "It is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel", meaning something that is very easy to do. So we are the fish in the barrel - shoot us!


"But you can't shoot other players" you may say. Well you can shoot other players, and be shot, when you are in a PVP (Player verses Player) zone. Getting shot at is a good thing in the game because it helps you build Dodge skill points. If you are attacked with a Mindforce weapon then you can gain Jamming skill points.


Dodge skill is useful if you are attacked by a player in the PVP zone or by any of the Robot class of mobs in the game. The higher your Dodge skill, the less chance there is that you will be hit with a shot. Jamming skill helps if you are attacked with a Mindforce weapon - your Jamming skill blocks the Mindforce.


The other satisfying aspect of being shot is that you know the other player has spent PED shooting at you! If you are not in a lootable zone, or if you are, and you are not carrying anything lootable (animal loot, or mining loot) then the player who shoots you has just wasted PED. Of course, they may gain skills in combat, but you get the satisfaction of knowing they have not gained any of your hard-earned items.


Society aims

  1. Gaining Dodge and Jamming skills by getting shot at by other players!
  2. Helping other new players get to the PVP zones - where they can get shot at.
  3. Exploring the Entropia Universe world.
  4. Having fun while doing the above.

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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
 Crazy cf FishCrazy FishCaptainUnited KingdomLaser Sniper (Hit)615213067415101-02-2010Port Atlantis
 Michael Micky VonbelgiumVonbelgiumGruntBelgiumHunter crafter   20-10-2010Port Atlantis

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