Society: Crimson Devils
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Leader:Vandal VandalHand Hand
Founder:Vandal VandalHand Hand
Found Date:18-06-2020
Skill Rank:7
Average HP:234.9
Average Total Skill:317040.4
Average Highest Skill:11240.7


Rules Of Society


Discontinue the use of PCF or Local Chat for any flaming, name calling, sh*t talking, or trolling. Failure to comply will result in an immediate, permanent kick from the Society.
We are to communicate within this Discord, direct PM's with friends, Support Cases with MA, and WhatsApp regarding our business.

If someone outside the Society wrongs you, flames you in Local, or otherwise, do not reciprocate this. Rise above, and do not stoop to the level of engaging them. Inform your Brothers, and collectively file harassment reports, etc.


Report any bug immediately to MindArk via private Support Cases using the Template.

Should MA not grant a satisfactory reply, discontinue the use of the bug / exploit. If you discover a bug or potential way to "cheese" the system, inform your Society Brethren immediately. Passing knowledge beyond the Societies borders is forbidden.

Respect the privacy of your Society Brethren. If information is shared between us, do not communicate this elsewhere, or use it against them.


We are a family. If you do not trust anyone in this Society, this should be brought immediately to the attention of the Society Leader.

If you break the trust of your Brothers, you will be removed, reported and slain in PvP zones without mercy.


When considering participants within the Entropia Universe for Society Membership, three (3) of five (5) leaders (Leader & Co-Leaders) must be agree in order for the vote to pass.

Qualities we look for in members should be integrity, maturity, self sufficiency, social conduct, & ability to PvP.
Candidate must be under a Freelancer status in game, confirmed by one (1) or more Leaders before a formal Petition proceeds. Guest access to Discord can be granted, at our digression, prior to Freelancer status in effort to assist the Candidate in making an informed decision about the transition. Upon confirmation that the Candidate meets the outlined criteria above, a vote will be held.


Leadership positions will rotate on an annual basis by majority vote per the following conditions:

In order to be elected as the Society Leader, or as one (1) of four (4) Co-Leaders, you must volunteer / nominate yourself via a direct message to the current Leader.
A vote will then proceed within Discord with the full avatar names of the candidates who were nominated, along with a Yes or No emote for each candidate.
Notification to be broadcasted via WhatsApp, @mentions in Discord & in game mail to all members.
Existing Leaders may retain their positions, if they nominate themselves and the vote outcome correlates.
Vote is to start no later than one (1) week prior to the anniversary of Society creation.
This is in an effort to prevent leadership from becoming stagnant with any certain individuals, and to ensure that we retain active & willing leadership.

Public Reputation:

While participating within Entropia Universe as a Member of this Society, you are a representation of us as such.
It is imperative to uphold reputable values in all your engagements and activity.

While hunting, please use MindArk approved methods of doing so, and closely monitor for any Private Messages and refrain from any behavior that can be interpreted as illegitimate. If you are unable to answer Private Messages within a prompt timeframe while hunting, or are not actively monitoring your gameplay, this will result in repercussions regarding your Society Membership, up to, and not withholding, termination of said Membership.

Always treat people with the respect you would like to receive. Give nothing but love, even if you receive nothing but hate.

Reports of Illegitimate Behavior:

Any reports supplied from Members to Leadership will result in an investigation from Leadership.
Reports supplied from Entropia Universe Participants outside the Society will require adequate proof of said activity before any investigation occurs.

Reports include but are not limited to:
- Use of Aim / Trigger Bots Within PvP
- Toxicity in Private Messages or Local Chat Systems
- Automated Gameplay
- Scams for Equipment or Dealings / Trade

Brothers in Arms:

When approached by a fellow member of Crimson Devils for assistance within PvP, you are under an obligation to desist what you are currently doing & answer the call only if the possibility of overpowering the opponent outweighs the possibility of a loss.

In essence, you  will risk your life if the chance of saving the life of your Brother is greater than losing your own.

If otherwise incapable of assisting due to IRL occurrences, notify a fellow Brother of this and see to it that you do not leave a Brother alone in uncertain situations whenever possible.

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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
Akon TrusT KonvictedAkonSergeantFranceHunter, Miner, Pk'er993733247823401-04-2007Port Atlantis
 Alexander Buck Wyld Captain       
 Angie Freja Stark Sergeant       
 Avatara Light X-tra Captain       
 Balint Bleib Papp Sergeant       
 Chantra TheProfit MoneymakerProfitSergeant       
Daniel Danimal DiepDanPrivateUnited StatesLaser Pistoleer16500460000308 Calypso Gateway
 Dini mArdOff MinimArdOffSergeantEstoniaHunter     
 Dr namn Mugg Sergeant       
Eleria Orion StarwindOrionColonelGermanyHunter   19-02-2002 
 Ford Zippo LincolnMercury Captain       
 Fronske Frank VDBank Captain       
 Harry Hoob HooblerHoobSergeant       
 Helene Helena FraHelenaCaptainFrance      
 Hijacker Inferno Hijacker27Hijacker27ColonelCanadaJacker of All Trades23112704445409  
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