Professions (discussion)

Might be wrong place for this but didn't find a better one.


I just used Jdegre's skill scanner to scan my skills and then uploaded the generated csv file. The calculated profession levels are wrong for some reason. For example, my BLP Pistoleer (Hit) is calculated 24.2, while my in-game profession is around 25.6. 

IceCold3000 (talk) - 24-02-2010 17:12:23

I don't think entropedia calculates your profession levels from your skills.

Just upload them from the csv as well and all should be well (pending the skill scanner worked correctly, might have missed a skill)


Never had a problem myself with either of these tools.

Hijacker27 (talk) - 24-02-2010 21:18:13

The csv file does not include professions, only skills.


Now that I look at my older csv-s, every file including one from August '09 has professions, but the next one dated November '09 and all later ones only have skills. Also, the last file to include professions lists BLP Pistoleer (Hit) as 24.2, so I believe you're right in that Entropedia does not calculate profession levels. I was under the impression it does.


Do you have any idea why the skill scanner might have stopped calculating profession levels or including them in the csv files?


Edit: Never mind, I should've searched before asking. Jdegre must've disabled the calculation of professions for non-donators between August and Nov last year. Thanks for your answer.


IceCold3000 (talk) - 25-02-2010 14:49:24

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