Blueprints (discussion)

Can you please delete the ARMOUR Defence Enhancer III entry.


I spelt armor the english way and not the american way like in EU and all other items on here.


I have tried to delete it but unable too

DaveFoz (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:24:11

What message do you get when you try to remove the item?

Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:24:11

It occurred to me that blueprint books are not on Entropedia. I think it could be somewhat useful to list the books and what blueprints go in them, so if you look at a blueprint, you can see what book it belongs in.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:24:11

I agree with you icecold because i know i personally have quite a few blueprints that i have no idea what books they go in or where to even find the books.

Blosh86 (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:24:11

Would it be possible to add an Item value markup column?

John Page (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:24:11

Would it be possible to add a Maxed level column, like the weapons chart.  Could be helpfull for the SIB BP's

John Page (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:24:11

I too would like to see an option for an item markup column. The blueprint markup is there, but an item markup would be very helpful and save some time

DoubleWolf (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:24:11

Whoever added the crafted item section: THANK YOU! A great gift for the new year!

DoubleWolf (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:24:11

Markup columns for the item and a maxed column are added. Thank you for the feedback .

Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:24:11

Completely agree with both IceCold3000 & Blosh86. definitely needs a book column.

JohnCapital (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:24:11

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