Charts (discussion)
how do you add a chart?

Moogle (talk) - 23-02-2024 16:15:07
Could you add new chart?
Mission Broker
Section: Mission

I doesn't have right to add chart.

Kick ha farce
Kick Ha Farce (talk) - 23-02-2024 16:15:07

I can add that, just tell me what columns it should include.

Witte (talk) - 23-02-2024 16:15:07
Hi Witte,

I think that there should be have columns for Mission Broker:

1.Mission Broker (name)
2.Name (Personnal name)

For link with maps->
6.Nearest City

And listing, link with mission:
2.Mission Chain

Kick Ha Farce (talk) - 23-02-2024 16:15:07

I have added the chart. When all mission brokers are added to it, I can make the links with the map and the charts.

Witte (talk) - 23-02-2024 16:15:07

Hello Witte,


I have added the all Mission Broker in the list.

Missing only the Cristal Palace one - > Need to do it again there is a problem with the name...


Almost all map names are changed in the last version (completed by name and city) , I wait that you link the data before to correct them.



Kick Ha Farce (talk) - 23-02-2024 16:15:07

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