Columns (discussion)
Id like to add a column for Creatures where we can place the actual speed of the creature (in metres per second). I plan to do some testing on my favourite mobs using a marber bravo and a stopwatch to get a good estimate assuming it doesnt one-hit-ko the weaker ones

- nullard, 2/10/2006 6:32:59 PM (CET)

This request is more suitable in the discussion page of the Creature chart or the Wishlist.

I can add the column after your have done some research. E.g. do higher maturities run faster than lower? It may be better to add the column to Damage Potential if that's true.

- Minder, 15-06-2024 08:00:16 (CET)
How about adding a column to vehicles for cargo hold capacity?
CyberPunk (talk) - 15-06-2024 08:00:16

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