Medical Tools (discussion)

Regular chart

FAP's without SIB period will give maximum heal all the time once you reached the proper skill level. To calculate the "Heal/sec" the maximum heal is devided by the reload time and to calculate "Eco/M" the maximum heal is devided by the total cost per use.
For the SIB fap's, the interval is 25%-50% when you are not in the SIB period yet, and 75%-100% when you have maxed out the fap. So the best avarage heal you can get is (75%+100%) / 2 = 87,5%. To calculate the "Heal/sec" and "Eco/M", the maximum heal is first multiplied by 0.875, after that calculations are the same as with the non SIB FAP's

Skill based chart

To make the skill based chart work, you need to fill in your Paramedic profession in the Avatar Professions chart (for more info see here)

non SIB FAP's:


After that the slope is calculated. For the area the slope is above the the maximum heal, the maximum heal counts. For the area below it, the average: (Start Interval + Maximum heal) / 2 is used. The final result is the weighted average of these two values.  

When you are not yet in a SIB, the avarage heal you do is (25%+50%) / 2 = 37.5%. When the FAP is maxed out, the average heal you do is 75%+100%) / 2 = 87,5%. As soon as you enter the SIB, you heal interval jumps from 25%-50% to 50%-100%. Your average heal will be:



NB, when either the recommended level or the maxed level is not filled in, the results are not accurate.

Witte (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23 
Are skill based calculations going to be added for Mindforce chips? Since the heal intervals aren't exactly known, it might not be extremely useful, but it would help.


jackel (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23
I have no clue how these chips work. If you can provide me with information about SIB, reload, healinterval etc, I can add this funtionality.

Witte (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23
Nice work with skill based chart, it would be good also to calculate "Uses Per Minute" and dependend as a function of profession level. Just for the record my stats:
My paramedic is 15.4.
Uses per FAP/max uses:
Sib not yet:
Vivo UR125 - 5/20
Vivo UR200 - 5/20
Adj Hedoc M-600 - 6/24
Hedoc SK-50 - 5/20
Adj Hedoc Sk-80 6/24
Hedoc Sk-50 - 5/20

Sib not anymore:
Vivo T5 - 20/20
Vivo T10 - 20/20
Vivo T15 - 19/20
Adapted Vivo T15 - 23/24
Hedoc Sk-20 - 20/20

Sib yes:
Vivo T20 - 12/20
Stats for others with sib yes:
profession 3.2, T5 - 19/20, T10 - 11/20
profession 6.5, T10 - 19/20
----So my guesses:
Sib not yet - you have 25% of max uses
Sib not anymore - hmm, should be 100% but it is sometimes one point below 100%(maybe you should reach next prof lvl for 100%)
Sib yes - hard to guess based on input data , seems to be not linear, or just have different maxed level

Eol (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23
It looks like heal of all new sib faps is maxed @ recommended lvl + 5 and reload 1 level after. Nevertheless some faps state +5 lvl as 'maxed' and some +6 depending on who was entering it. Maybe maxed level should be calculated automatically then, what do you think?

As for reload I can say that 13/20 is reached @ rec lvl + 1 (at least for sk-50). That means that increase is not linear

Downfall (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23
I think its best to have the maxed level an editable value. We never know what MA will introduce next. I will change it to max+5 and make a note that "maxed" mean when heal amount is maxed.

About the reload, if you can give me the actual formula, I will implement it. As for now its just a linear function, but it does take in account the one extra level above maxed.

Witte (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23

do you think requirements of L faps are utopia, not entropia related or not? =)




Lugzan (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23

Regarding Enhancers.


I believe the calculation on the Med Eco Enhancer II for the T20 may be incorrect.


if they carry on with the 5% saving  and with the rounding to 3 decimal points this calc should read as


5.001 / 105 * 100 = 4.762857142  with a Level I Eco Enhancer (Rounded to 3 dec pt - 4.763)


4.763 / 105 * 100 = 4.536190476 with a Level II Eco and Level I Eco (Rounded to 3 dec pt - 4.536


right now the chart comes up with 4.546 as cost per click.


as if you only put n a II Eco you still get 5% saving on the none ehnacered cost.


Even if you do the math with out the rounding part way you would get as follows


5.001 / 105 *100 / 105 * 100 = 4.53605442  which also rounded to 3 dec pt is 4.536 pec per click on a T20 with Tier I and II Eco Enhancers

DaveFoz (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23

Can you confirm this decay by fruit tests? Currently it is calculated like this:


New decay = Olddecay / (1 + Enhancersdecaydecrease).




1 enhancer: 5001 / 1.05) = 4.763

2 enhancer: 5001 / 1.10) = 4.546


Witte (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23



After doing my own tests i can now concur that the original figures are correct and that I was making assumptions based on logic and not on what MA see as Logic.


Any normal Person would see that if you put a 5% enhancement on something that is already 5% Enhanced it would be the 5% Saving amiunt reduced by a 5% amount.  And not as MA have done is add the 2 x 5 % together to give a 10% saving on the Normal price.


I will say that from my tests that MA do use the 4/5 rounding at the 4th Dec Pt as I have had to run the tests a few time as I was getting  1 enhancer decay as 4.764 on first click then on next click 4.763 on next click which tells me that the actual decay of a T20 with 1 x I Eco Enhancer is 4.7435.  but with nova/sweat/fruit being in 1000/pec unable to properly confirm this





DaveFoz (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23

Vivo T10 (L) is missing from the list and wont let me add.

Mortality (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23

Vivo T10 (L) is there. That's exactly why you can't add a duplicate.

Cunning Haruto Rat (talk) - 04-12-2023 19:22:23

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