Mindforce Implants (discussion)
Either the decay values have to get set back to PED, or the column has to be renamed, I guess...

It somehow makes sense though, all other charts with a decay column list it as PEC.


Sound (talk) - 21-11-2007 12:22:47

Witte (talk) - 21-11-2007 13:09:15
Yay :D

Sound (talk) - 21-11-2007 13:31:44
Aren't all implants have the fixed, 1PEC decay?
Faalagorn (talk) - 01-05-2009 18:55:32

Nope, I tested the TT one and it had 0.895 PEC decay. I assume the other ones also have different decay.

Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:35:34
So it seems we need more tests? But then, in weapons chart you should be able to chose the implant you are using. Now it's "Include NeoPsion decay (1PEC)".
Faalagorn (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:35:34

Since mindforce is not so popular, it did not seemed worth the efford so I made it just 1 PEC.

Witte (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:35:34
Ahh, so that's why sweat price is dropping, there are inaccurate informations in Entropedia . j/k. However, it would be great to be added someday. 1PEC is not far from accurate though, but if you want, you may add a note that it's approximate and link to the Implant chart instead.
Faalagorn (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:35:34

since the recent vu12.7 the implant now is supposed to take 2% of chip decay as opposed to fixed pec/use, anyway to change that as the current pages is compiled so it shows correct in weapon compare?


Mathias (talk) - 20-07-2024 19:35:34

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