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I recently unlocked RDA. This happened while my Prof standing was Adept. Not long after I hit Capable Laser Sniper. I have a friend who is an Experienced Laser Sniper and still has not unlocked RDA. The difference between us is that he Chipped some of his skills. Does chipping affect hidden skills being unlocked? Just a thought, any more input would be great! Thank you.

Me (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

of course it has effect pure skilling is the real deal

ewfw (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

To provent various spelling of Yes and No maybe you can implement that choice as a pull-down menu with the "", "Yes" and "No" options for the "Affects Health" and the "Hidden" columns.

Paolo (talk) - 2006-04-04 18.19.51

Wounding, I have 7.1 CHA and no wounding (5.0 HA) so 7.0 CHA alone is not triggering Wounding...

Wormie (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

what is CHA, and what's the hit abitlity? (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

How do I up my hit ability on Longblade? (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

CHA (Critical Hit Ability) and HA (Hit Ability) - When right clicking a weapon and viewing it's stats you can see your specific HA and CHA at the bottom of the window. The maximum in either will be 10/10. When checking HA and CHA use a 'standard' weapon, not a skill bonus weapon like an opalo as HA and CHA max out very early on that type of weapon. Beyond that, it is what it says, your ability to hit or critical hit.

Me again (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

Combat Sence and Coolness information cant be correct. For Example I got Combat Sense BEFORE Coolness. So the Hit Ability cant be the only trigger of these two Hidden Skills

Oije (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

The category Defence is called Defense in the game. I suggest to use Defense here as well.

Dutchie (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

Sure np. Although I need to check if it is not linked somewhere (might be hardcoded in the mobchart).

Witte (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

friendly reminder for the defence -> defense change

Dutchie (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

sure feel free to change it

Witte (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

Hm. Don't feel too happy about changing this given your remark "Although I need to check if it is not linked somewhere (might be hardcoded in the mobchart). "
This is not really a trivial change.

Dutchie (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

ethereal soul language is not a regular skill. It does not appear in the skill page and you cannot get skill gains. Also there is no icon. Added this to the skill description but not sure if we should also add something about this in the table.

Dutchie (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

lvl30 prospecting or surveying for mineral sense seem false. i'm lvl 35 and not unlock now

dreicc (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

dreicc, have you actually dropped a bomb to get a skillgain and unlock it? I mean, you mostly hunt... :D




Lugzan (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25
Well, what about adding that skill chart into Entropedia? Of course only if we have the author permission (else, we should have to create our own :P).
Later maybe we could discover the percentage probability to gain a certain skill.
Faalagorn (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

You mean somthing like this?

Witte (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25
Hmm.. Thinking of which, I now realized a thing I missed before... All the activities in-game (scanning, getting hit, shooting) have it's corresponding professions and you can get all skills corresponding to Sweat Gatherer profession when actually doing sweating, yes? If that's true, then I guess it's unneeded :P. My first conception was that "profession" is not an "activity".

But one more question - the "skill effect" tab is saying how much each point in that skill modifies the profession, right? But it is also true to percentage probability to gain the skill?
Faalagorn (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

Can anybody confirm that Powercatalyst is no longer correct ... I have it now as a skill but I'm way way below the indicated requirements ...


I didn't do any skill chipping.

Finnigan (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

@  Finnigan - dropped your skills on Entropedia into jdegre's optimiser, and looks like you're over level 15 on  Electro Kinetic  (Dmg).  As Power Catalyst now unlocks at level 15 for any MF (hit) or (dmg) profession, that would be my guess as to how you got the unlock.

Serica (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25
Last night I unlocked Spacecraft Systems. I'm nowhere near L40 anything and still 6-7 ticks off L5 Gunner (Hit), which are the indicated requirements. The unlock did however correspond exactly to L5 Spacecraft Engineering.
sgoddy (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

I'd like to suggest adding an "unlocked" column that works along the same lines as the "completed" column for missions where we can mark which skills we've unlocked already and then can quickly see which ones we haven't yet.  To save some hassle, it would be good if the skills that everyone has are automatically marked as unlocked (i.e. if Hidden = No Then Unlocked = Yes).

Deeveon (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25
I have been banned for mistaken information and vague description, how can I get back to help wiki build a better futures?
Acute (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25
I have been banned for mistaken information and vague description, how can I get back to help wiki build a better futures?
Acute (talk) - 16-10-2021 15:41:25

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