Personal Effect Chips (discussion)


I am getting this error when trying to update a field:
Specified cast is not valid.

Can anyone tell me why this occurs?

jackel (talk) - 04-11-2006 08:29:32


The eco calculations on this chart are messed up--probably because of the mix of ped/pec in the units at chart bottom.

The avgerage charge column assumes 75% of the max will be the average for a newer user. Not sure if this is the actual case.


Name----Level---Range---Charges-Decay---Ammo----Value---Pec/Use-Chg/Pec-Avg Chg-Avg Chg/Pec







Coop (talk) - 13-12-2006 20:03:35

a column with max nr of charges at a time - I guess it will be usefull.    I only have a medium who supports 16 focus charges... but if  I rember well for moderate is around 32-36.

vazi01 (talk) - 09-09-2008 20:26:35

If you can get some more information about this I will add a column. I never used these chips myself, but from what I get is that the "charges" column indicates the maximal number of charges in one use? Do you also sometimes get less? And if so what is the minimum?

Witte (talk) - 10-09-2008 10:20:01

curent I have only:

lvl 3 focus chip I can give focus charges from 4 -8. they are stackable till 16 focus charges. after that I recive a yeallow msg about the number of charges I lost over 16. nr of uses 19/19

lvl 5 focus chip I can give focus charges from 7 -14/click they can be stackble till 28 focus charges on one ava. fter that I recive a yeallow msg about the number of charges I lost over 28. nr of uses 22/23

vazi01 (talk) - 2008-10-26 -13:26:56
lvl 6 focus chip can give max 17 focus charges /click. Max number of charges can be 38 after that I recive a yeallow msg about the number of charges I lost over 38. confirmed in game by 3 ava.

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