Tools used to excavate energy matter/ores from found deposits. To determine the decay of an item, see the guide "Calculate the decay of an item". Showing 8 of 56 items.
General InformationStatsEconomyProfessionSource
NameTypeUsesEff.Eff/secDecayMax.TTMarkupDrills/PECEff/PECRec.SourceFound On
Rock Ripper 1 (L)All226.62.420.282150.00%3.5723.570CraftedPlanet Arkadia
Rock Ripper 2 (L)All247.73.081.12922 0.896.821CraftedPlanet Arkadia
Rock Ripper 3 (L)All248.83.521.45444115.00%0.696.053CraftedPlanet Arkadia
 Rock Ripper 3 Gold RushAll298.54.110.83344 1.2010.203EventPlanet Arkadia
Rock Ripper 4 (L)All          Planet Arkadia
Rock Ripper Trainer (L)All1761.700.2740.2 3.6521.900MissionPlanet Arkadia
 Rock Ripper TT (L)All196.82.150.33 3.3322.670Arkadia TTPlanet Arkadia
Rookie Rock RipperAll1761.700.27410.00 PED3.6521.900Old Arkadia TTPlanet Arkadia
    /Min  PECPED drills Levels  

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