Personal Effect Chips
This chart contain personal effect chips such as focus, acceleration and slowdown chips. To determine the decay of an item, see the guide "Calculate the decay of an item". Note that Mindforce chips do not include NeoPsion implant decay. Showing 17 of 56 items.
General InformationEffectStatsEconomyProfessionSource
NameLevelTypeDurationStrengthConcentrationCooldown GroupRangeUsesMax.TTMarkupDecayAmmoCost/MRec.Source
Acceleration Chip 1 (L)1Pyrokinetic1200.153VIII1554.7400.00%0.963845.56825Looted
Deceleration Chip 1 (L)Cryogenic100.251.5VII3846.9 1.4265728.29025Looted
Health Augmentation Chip (L)Biotropic60035 51012200.00%11.25011.8007Looted
Regeneration Inhibition Chip 1 (L)Biotropic405 X536150.00%4.999405.4795Looted
Synchronization Chip 1 (L)Focus3000.194.2 8129.5 1.1181803.2780Looted
Synchronization Chip 22Focus3400.254 101232 1.22404.0800Looted
Synchronization Chip 2 (L)Focus3400.254 101212.516000.00%1.1772404.0570Looted
Synchronization Chip 55Focus3900.293.6 141346 1.93806.4600Looted
Synchronization Chip 5 (L)Focus3900.293.6 141320.518500.00% 380 0Looted
Official Metabolic Acceleration Chip6Pyrokinetic6000.52VIII1201548.5  1000 45MA Owned
Official Metabolic Inhibition ChipCryogenic150.81VII452038.5  1000 45MA Owned
Synchronization Chip 88Focus4500.353.2 161549 2.65208.8400.5Looted
Synchronization Chip 8 (L)Focus4500.353.2 161529.5  520 0.5Looted
Synchronization Chip 1111Focus5200.392.9 151658 3.23466011.1540.8Looted
Synchronization Chip 11 (L)Focus5200.392.9 1516351000.00%3.266011.1200.8Looted
     Seconds Seconds m/minPED PECMEPECLevels 
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