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18.0.0Entropia Universe21-02-2024
17.23.2.aEntropia Universe06-12-2023
17.23.2Entropia Universe05-12-2023
17.23.0Entropia Universe28-11-2023
17.22.3Entropia Universe17-10-2023
17.22.2Entropia Universe03-10-2023
17.22.1Entropia Universe26-09-2023
17.22.0Entropia Universe19-09-2023
17.21.2Entropia Universe27-06-2023
17.21.1Entropia Universe20-06-2023
17.21.0Entropia Universe13-06-2023
17.20.1aEntropia Universe05-04-2023Fixed an issue allowing certain types of items sold by Rocktropia Trade Terminals to be recycled into Nanocubes.
17.20.1Entropia Universe04-04-2023
17.20.0Entropia Universe28-03-2023
17.19.2Entropia Universe21-03-2023Changes to obtaining/trading nanocubes; shrapnel can now be auctioned.
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