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General InformationLocation
Arkadia Land Area 1 EstateLA LodgePlanet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia191159080
Arkadia UndergroundShopping CenterPlanet Arkadia UndergroundPlanet Arkadia1344921760
Celeste HarbourShopping CenterPlanet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia2990010120
Celeste IslandApartment ComplexPlanet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia2967010120
Celeste NorthApartment ComplexPlanet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia2998810255
Celeste QuarryShopping CenterPlanet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia312529557
Celeste SouthApartment ComplexPlanet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia298109950
Sanctuary CoveApartment ComplexPlanet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia2043030040
Victorious FirebaseBarracksPlanet ArkadiaPlanet Arkadia1860010250

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