Finder: TerraMaster 7 (L)
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:2.1 kg
Range:55 m
Depth:925.4 m
Uses:8 /Min
Decay:4.552 PEC
Maximal TT:320 PED
Minimal TT:9.60 PED
Uses:6819 Total
Recommended Level:45 Levels
Maxed:50 Levels
Found on:Planet Arkadia
User Value:135.00 % (2014-09-14)

Variant: Mineral Ore Finder

Availability: Manufactured

Preceding Model: TerraMaster 6 (L)

Next Model: TerraMaster 8(L)

Consumes: Omegaton Survey Probes

To Use: Equip and operate.  This will drop a Seismic Bomb, if there are any remaining in your inventory.  Wait to see the results.


This is the seventh model in the TerraMaster series by PTech.


When dropping a Seismic Bomb, it explodes on the landscape's surface and detects any nearby Mineral Ore deposits.  If a deposit is found, a Resource Deed appears in your loot window, giving you the right to extract that deposit, as well as its location coordinates.  Your TerraMaster interface will indicate the direction in which to look for the claim, and a Claim Marker will appear on the landscape.


Mineral Ore finders vary in the range and depth at which they can detect deposits.  To extract the deposit, you will need to equip and operate a Mineral Ore extraction tool.


Any Mineral Ore amplifier may be added to any Mineral Ore finder, giving a magnifying effect to the size of deposits you find.


PTech. Mining Exellence.


Ore: 1 ped

Enm: 0.5 ped

Tre: 1.5 ped

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