Planet: Planet Cyrene
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Planetary system:Planet Cyrene
Developer:Creative Kingdom
Manager:Creative Kingdom
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Version Updates

Cyrene Mini Patch - 13-12-1613-12-2016Tweaks onlyEdit
Cyrene VU - 07-12-1607-12-2016map unlocks and 2 puny missionsEdit
Planet Cyrene 2012.704-12-2012New weapon attachments & MF chipsEdit
Planet Cyrene 2012.6.117-10-2012Bug fixesEdit
Planet Cyrene 2012.609-10-2012New missions, items, bpsEdit
Planet Cyrene 2015.3.130-09-2015New Duke Wave Event, dire weeds attack range modified, Vlad the unraveler's spawn timer greatly reducedEdit
Planet Cyrene 2015.322-09-2015Dynamic Map Upgrade Unlocks, New Skyshatter maturity levels and kill point missions, Some loot recalibration, fixed mining and creature spawnsEdit
Planet Cyrene 2012.5.104-09-2012Fixed Issues & AdditionsEdit
Planet Cyrene 2012.528-08-2012New missions, items, bpsEdit
Planet Cyrene 2014.2.101-07-2014New instance, metal textures.Edit
Planet Cyrene 2014.224-06-2014Mining iron missions, The Pit, change to tokens, TP name changesEdit
Cyrene Mini Patch - 20-06-1720-06-2017Loot 2.0 + Changes to Arc FactionEdit
Planet Cyrene 2013.218-06-2013New items/missions/spawns, changes to the HubEdit
Cyrene VU - 30-05-1730-05-2017New MissionsEdit
Planet Cyrene 2012.429-05-2012New Content & Fixed IssuesEdit
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