Planet: Next Island
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Planetary system:Next Island

Official description

Join the utopian scientists, great artists and successful entrepreneurs who populate our tropical paradise of Next Island.

Travel through time to ancient Greece where you can fight mythical beasts, quest to please the gods or discuss philosophy with other residents. Pursue a wide range of professions from hunting to hairdressing, craft weapons and fashions to use and trade, or just socialize with other Islanders at our popular clubs.

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Version Updates

Next Island 2011.230-11-2011New items/bpsEdit
Next Island 2011.104-10-2011New items/missionsEdit
Next Island 2012.429-05-2012New Content & FixesEdit
Next Island 2012.301-05-2012New Content & Fixed IssuesEdit
Next Island 2012.213-03-2012New mob, missions, items, bug fixesEdit
Next Island 2012.130-01-2012New spawnpoint for new players, new weapons/missions/locationsEdit

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