Planet: Planet Arkadia
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Planetary system:Planet Arkadia
Developer:Arkadia Studios
Manager:Arkadia Studios

Official description

Planet Arkadia is an exciting planet centred around Treasure Hunting, but it is also a place for players to interact with their friends and other players in teams and in societies. Hunt or mine, or become an entrepreneur and trader. Explore breathtaking scenery alone or with a friend and make important historical discoveries. Remain a freelancer and strike out alone, or complete missions to gain attributes, the choice is yours. Your name could go down in the history books!

A Massively Multiplayer Online virtual world, Planet Arkadia is set within Entropia Universe. It is free to join and there are no subscription fees to this Sci-Fi MMORPG, and it has a Real Cash Economy pegged to the US dollar, ensuring the stability and value of the in-world economy. Security is also catered for, with your personalised Gold Card system which provides a unique 6-digit code every time you log in.

Planet Arkadia provides a secure entertainment platform that combines various forms of gaming for an incredible result that will transform your game playing experience.

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Version Updates

Planet Arkadia 2015.7.115-12-2015WarehousesEdit
Planet Arkadia 2012.7.111-12-2012Vehicles banned from QuarryEdit
Planet Arkadia 2013.410-12-2013Event system improvements, bug fixesEdit
Planet Arkadia 2014.409-12-2014Trading Cards, New mobs, New missions, Changes to AakasEdit
Planet Arkadia 2012.704-12-2012Changes to mob & weapon statsEdit
Planet Arkadia 2011.830-11-2011New mob, new missions, new long/shortbladesEdit
Planet Arkadia 2013.305-11-2013Oil rig working, new LA's, mining missionsEdit
Planet Arkadia 2011.725-10-2011Timber textures, fixesEdit
Planet Arkadia 2011.618-10-2011Leather textures, caves, Celeste rebuild (phase 1)Edit
Planet Arkadia 2014.315-10-2014Start Room enhancements, Tameable Nusul, New Piron weapons, bug fixes.Edit
Planet Arkadia 2015.3.130-09-2015Fixed terminals at new arrivals hangar, Smugglers started recruiting and other small fixesEdit
Planet Arkadia 2015.322-09-2015Added Pandi stage 6,Dehera Defender renamed to ACA Dehera Clearance – Aakas Defender, new apartment buildings, prepping for Gold RushEdit
Planet Arkadia 2012.5.104-09-2012Remaining instances & fixesEdit
Planet Arkadia 2012.528-08-2012Aakas Keys 1-3, fixesEdit
Planet Arkadia 2011.509-08-2011Blueprint revision, mining changes, new mobsEdit
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