Teleportation Chip: Teleportation Chip 2, Adjusted
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:1 kg
Concentration:12.1 Seconds
Cooldown:10 Seconds
Cooldown Group:I
Range:2 km
Uses:3 /Min
Range/Min:5.43 Km/Min
Maximal TT:134 PED
Minimal TT:4.02 PED
Uses:6526 Total
Decay:1.992 PEC
Ammo Type:Mind Essence
Ammo:2100 ME
Cost:22.992 PEC
Cost + MU:27.192 PEC
Meters/PEC:86.99 m
Meters/PEC + MU:73.55 m
Recommended Level:0.3 Levels

This is a Translocator Mindforce chip.

Higher level chips have more features than lower level chips.

To use a Mindforce chip you need an inserted Mindforce implant.

The profession level on the inserted implant must be higher than the chip's minimum profession level.


Teleportation Chip II Upgrade

Location: Fort Ithaca 68487, 87983 Imperial Guardian Liaison Guiying (reqires a 200 kill Feffoid hunt prior to adjusting)


To perform the upgrade you need:

1x Teleportation Chip II (UL, FULL TT)

50 Generic Nano Adjuster

10 Phasing Essence MF01

150 Advanced Matrix

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