Version Update: 11.2.1
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Improvements and Fixes




  • Added information about vehicles being limited to the vehicle blueprints.
  • Fixed issue with Umbranoid Body Suit rendering avatars invisible.
  • Fixed issue with the non-functioning Tier Upgrade UI.
  • Updated the description for the Structural Integrity Toolkit.
  • Corrected the bank name in the Bank UI.
  • Fixed issue with missing Calypso splash screen at log in.
  • Corrected pick-up behavior when placing items on other items.
  • Prevented Rippersnappers from spawning on land.
  • Corrected faulty swimming behavior.
  • Corrected vehicle spawning behavior when moving around.
  • Fixed issue where items could be removed from the construction window during the crafting process.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to use right mouse button to operate a Bank Official.
  • Adjusted the delay on Autoaim to only be enabled when aiming on other avatars (PvP), there is no delay on regular hunting.

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