Version Update: 12.0.1
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:New Features and Updated Systems

Entropia Universe 12.0.1 Release Notes

06 Jul 2011

New Features and Updated Systems


  • As a mothership manager or guest, you can use the Map UI to locate the ship, wherever you have access to the space map.
  • Added new profession Scan Technology - for scanning vehicles or destructibles.
  • In pilot and gunner seat (as available in motherships and privateers) you see a green silhouette when the seat is available and a red one when it is unavailable.
  • The Welding Wire is not lootable in PvP areas.

Spaceship Inventory

  • You can only enter space with a small spaceship (Sleipnir and Quad-Wing Interceptor) if its storage is empty.
  • You cannot spawn a vehicle with content in its storage on a space station or inside a mothership.
  • Removed the action Open Inventory from spawned vehicles when on a space station or inside a mothership.

SpaceShip Reputation System

Fierce space mobs are added and karma points can now also be gained when killing them. This awards bad karma for bad ships and good karma for good and neutral ships.

Team Features

When shooting at a member of your own team or force you will receive a damage text saying "Friendly Fire" next to the damage number.

Vega Class Privateer

All hangar managers will now find one Vega Class Privateer Deed each in their Inventory. This is a mid-sized transport vessel.

The vessels can be found docked at the space stations outside Planet Calypso, Crystal Palace and FOMA Fortuna.

Tip! To find the ship, either teleport to it from the space station it is docked to or use the waypoint function in the Map UI: open the Map UI for space and select the H icon. Click on the marker for the Privateer to get a waypoint.

Guests Entering Privateer

The pilot and passengers on a small ship (Sleipnir or Quad-Wing Interceptor) can board a Vega Class Privateer, by right clicking on it and choosing Operate. However, you need to be on the guest list for this, so if you are not send a request to be added to the list.

Enhancements and Modifications

You can enhance the status of a Vega Class Privateer in the following ways:

Restore SI. Restore the ship's health (SI value) at the SI repair sections. The ship is divided into two sections: reactor and propulsion. When the ship is hit, those sections are damaged, and repaired, separately.

SI Management - increase max SI value. In the SI management terminal you can increase the maximum SI value by adding minerals. Such an increase will also restore the ship's health to this new maximum value. Both the pilot and a guest can perform this procedure.

Engineering - modify functions. If you are the Vega Class Privateer manager you can modify and upgrade its functions by adding different devices, that can, for example, affect number of available gunner positions. You can do this through the Engineering UI, that you open by operating the Engineering panel.

Note that the engineering devices can be used on both privateers and motherships.

Voice Chat

  • Extended the range for hearing people talk up to 50 meters in proximity chat.
  • Displaying an overhead icon when someone speaks, which also reflects the sound level.
  • Proximity Voice Chat is enabled by default for new participants.
  • Push To Talk is enabled by default for new participants, mapped to default key V.
  • Voice teams can now be set to private, meaning the team will not be heard in proximity voice chat.
  • Added action Push to Proximity. This can be used if you are in a private voice team and wish to temporarily speak to a non-team member in proximity voice chat.

Improvements and Fixed Issues

Fixed Known Issues from 12.0.0

  • You can now trade Welding Wire BP (L) through the auction.
  • You can no longer fly into a mothership when it is destroyed.
  • When succeeding inserting minerals to increase the maximum SI value it does now say how much you actually got.
  • Client no longer crashes when entering mothership by spaceship and destroying it by shooting at it at the same time.
  • Mothership's karma is no longer reset to 0 when the server its located on is restarted.
  • Turret on mothership now correctly shows 0 and 359 degree rotation.
  • After claiming utilization rights to a mothership, it now has the correct name.
  • Mothership repair sections now show the section name when mouse over.
  • Mothership televators are now consistent in displayed floor numbers.
  • When you enter space you no longer see chat from people being on the origin planet.
  • Fire of Hel now works correctly in space.


  • Improved client and server stability.
  • Shortened reload times for beauty tools.
  • Fixed issues with adding certain textures.
  • You wont improve your scanning skills when scanning the same target within 5 minutes.
  • Added cross target icon, when in a vehicle and targeting an avatar that is not in PVP and if you are not in PVP.
  • Where the auction pre-selected Female and Only Unlimited, it is now back to Any Gender and Limited and Unlimited.
  • Placing items in the shops in the turning buildings is functioning correctly again.


  • Fixed client crashes related to mothership damage.
  • Several issues related to space have been fixed; both graphical and technical.
  • When upgrading a ship's SI you will get the following information in the Main Chat: total SI and amount of SI per part.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to shoot and kill from MS gun turret in 30s after entering gunner seat, both in PvP and non-PvP.
  • You can now teleport between space station and mothership hangar, even if you have not been at the target destination before. Note that this requires that the mothership is docked to the space station and to teleport to the mothership you have to be either the mothership manager or on the guest list.
  • The correct amount of PED will now be drawn when teleporting from Crystal Palace or FOMA Fortuna to a Planet Calypso.

Note: When in driver or gunner seat in mothership or privateer, use the action Exit to leave the seat for the ship interior.

Known Issues

  • The target markers on avatars and NPCs are a bit misplaced, at breast-hight instead of above the head.
  • The sight for the weapons in the two gunner seats next to the pilot in the privateer aims a bit low due to a misconstruction. Repairation technicians have been contacted.
  • There is a new action in the Action Book, not yet completely implemented (Set Team Target).
  • Some armor parts from the Jarhead armor set are unmarked, but they are limited.


Planet-Specific Releases

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