Version Update: 12.5.1
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Improvements & Fixes


  • An issue causing unusual avatar movements in combat and other situations has been corrected.
  • An issue preventing estates from being listed on the global auction has been corrected, and Calypso Land Deeds will once again be available.
  • An issue interfering with the completion of missions involving specific locations which need to be visited has been corrected.
  • The behavior of the Cosmic Horror space creature has been corrected.
  • An issue causing unusual display of avatar hands and feet in certain situations has been corrected.
  • An issue causing data in the PED Flow Center to not display when the interface is first loaded has been corrected.
  • An issue preventing the use of beauty tools has been corrected.
  • An issue related to inaccurate indicators when using the Spawn Vehicle action on certain types of terrain has been corrected.
  • An issue causing an inability to select teleporter objects in certain situations has been corrected.
  • The sound volume for avatars being hit in combat has been increased.
  • The size limitation of the friends list has been removed. Note that this may result in some performance issues if the avatar has a very large number of friends.


  • An issue exists when choosing a teleporter via the map list when using mindforce teleport chips. To avoid this, select the teleporter directly on the map instead.
  • In certain situations animation issues such as hand flickering may arise when using a tool.
  • An issue exists when clearing the search field in the Achievements interface if the search is not reset. Press enter to properly clear the search field.
  • An issue exists with coordinates on the radar incorrectly displaying . at the end.
  • An issue exists with the Client Loader not displaying System Requirements and Specifications info as intended.
  • An issue exists with incorrect avatar posture while sitting in or entering a vehicle in some situations.

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