Version Update: Planet Calypso 2013.4
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Planet:Planet Calypso
News:MM event, added missions, bug fixes


Merry Mayhem 2013 is scheduled to begin on December 20, and run until January 12.
Many improvements have been planned for this popular event, including: rebalanced Merry Mayhem creatures, a 5th category for profession level 100, new prizes, and much more. Full Merry Mayhem event details will be posted in the coming days.


  • New mission camps and missions have been added to the Cape Corinth area, south of the city.
  • Improved several missions in the tutorial mission chain on Thule.
  • Added reward text description to "Setting another trap" and "Wanted: Bloodclaw (Daily)"


  • Several instance gates have been added to the Cape Corinth area, these are currently inactive and will be used for future dungeons.
  • Added a proper Sabakuma instance to Half Moon Bay instead of the old placeholder instance.
  • Combat Tokens can now be found under the new "Currencies" auction category.
  • Added dialogues to all mining challenges when interacting with the Mining Guild Representative when an objective is not completed.

Creature Updates

  • Updated the graphics of the Hispidus creature class.
  • Updated the ranged attack animation of the Sabakuma broodmother.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the hit boxes on the Target Drone creature class.
  • Maffoid Heads can now be sold to the trade terminal.
  • Corrected some sounds for Kingfisher, Diripi, Igni, Pupugi, Tsk Tsk and JamRaider creatures.
  • Fixed item points in Castle estate.
  • Fixed exterior wall and entrance of Strength Keep estate.
  • Fixed an issue which caused "Iron Challenge: 10,000 Daspletor" not to trigger properly when the previous mission was completed.
  • Fixed The Unique Lord Kraster Helmet model.
  • Fixed an issue causing all blausariam Iron Challenge missions to increment the point counter when finding a Lysterium resource deed with a value of 4.5 PED to 6 PED.
  • Fixed a mission bug which caused the "A New Beginning" mission not to be canceled properly.
  • Fixed reward and texts for "Iron Challenge: Maffoid Stage I and III".
  • Fixed an issue causing Vanguards to disappear from time to time when engaged.
  • Fixed some terrain issues for estate Corinth Beach #11.
  • Fixed The Unique Lord & Lady Kraster Helmet models.

Known Issues

  • It is still not possible to manage the Vermillion Fields land grab area.

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