Version Update: 16.4.0
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:The text will be later

New Features

  • Space content

  • Each Space planet local area now has normal PvP instead of lootable PvP
  • Each Space planet local area now has new spawners
  • Added a “Crosshair Opacity” slider in Options/Interface


  • Radar updated with an added icon for Lootable PvP
  • Leaving a PvP zone will now give correct zone debuff and timer
  • Mining claim sizes converted to arabic numerals
  • Moving an equipped item into storage will now automatically unequip it
  • Double Left Mouse Button click will now move an item to and from Storage when the UI is open
  • Quad Wing UI removed in first person
  • Gunner UI for stationary turrets and motherships have had the Grid UI removed

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed Client crashes
  • Fixed the text for several items
  • Fixed an issue where Waypoint for special targets didn't appear
  • Fixed an issue where Gender selection at crafting terminal was incorrect for some items

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