Version Update: 8.8
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Holiday Gifts

To celebrate the holiday season, a number of different gifts have been included for participants in the Entropia Universe. Some public areas on Calypso have also received festive decorations and MindArk would like to wish everybody a safe and happy holiday and a great New Year.

Shopping Malls

Three new shopping malls have been built on Calypso: at Port Atlantis, Twin Peaks and at a new location on Amethera called Emerald Lakes. Now available for purchase through the public auction on Calypso, each mall includes deeds to all 36 shops, a private penthouse apartment and lots, lots more.

For full details, please read the Shopping Malls Sale Specification.

Private Signs & Screens

New crafted Signs and Screens have been introduced. Signs will be able to show preloaded images and static text. Screens will be able to show preloaded images with dynamic text.

Both Signs and Screens are available in a range of different shapes and sizes, including flat mounted and side mounted models. An operating panel similar to that of the current Ad Screens will allow administration of the Signs and Screens.

All content for these Private Signs and Screens is created from the preloaded images and participant created text. Advertising from Massive Inc. and other global participant created advertising will not be displayed on these Signs and Screens.

Skills & Professions

The Professional Standings section has been removed from the Avatar Information Panel. Profession Ranks and Levels are now presented in a lot more detail by pressing the new Professions Icon in the Action Library.

Profession Levels are based on Skill Points (previously known as Level) and determine your ability to perform tasks and use items.

A full list of all your achieved professions can now be reviewed by using category buttons included in the new Professional Standings Panel. You may also choose which professional title you wish to display for other colonists. A further option of whether or not to display all your professional achievements for other colonists is also included.

The Item Info panel now also presents professional names and the required level for the item that is being viewed.

Some small, but essential, rebalancing of the skill system has been implemented:
All avatar attributes will now start at 1 point (instead of 20). The initial attribute gain will offer a balanced and fast progression curve to allow a good and rewarding start phase in Entropia. Please note that existing participants will not be affected or lose any attribute points.

The skill gain rate at higher levels, as well as the impact of high level skills on Profession Levels, has been slightly adjusted. This change is a necessary step for the future, as it provides greater flexibility in designing new high end items while keeping the delicate balance between old and new items. So get ready for some new high end weapons! Will you have the skills to use them efficiently?

Team Settings

The old Damage Determines rule has been renamed as 'Damage: Item Share'. A new Team Setting has been included allowing Stackable Items to be split between team members based on the damage inflicted by each member. The new rule is called 'Damage: Stack Share'.


Adjustments have been made to the mining process. When a resource is found during the initial prospecting stage, the resource is automatically claimed, meaning the claim panel with the ownership deed, and the Claim Marker, are displayed instantly.

The instrument display still indicates the location of the resource, but finding the resource has been made even easier by the visual reference now made by the Claim Marker.


As it could sometimes take a while for the Inventory to open, a progress bar has now been included for the loading of items in the different Inventory categories.


Continuing to utilize the new PhysX engine, the death animation has been improved to reflect a more life-like tumble and fall.


Some exciting new Limited and Unlimited Items have been introduced.

Beacon Mission

It is now only necessary to kill 75% of the robots in a ship chamber in order for the teleporter to be activated.

MindForce Teleporting

It's now possible to teleport using MindForce from indoors on Calypso.


You can now refill materials in initiated manufacturing jobs without having to close the Manufacturing Panel and begin the entire process again.

Private Chat

It is now possible to continue a Private Chat after an avatar has been killed.


Weapon sounds have been updated to add a little more variation. More ambient sounds have been included like wave sounds when avatars are near water. It is now possible for the owner to stream music to the main complex and control room on CND.

Official MindArk Avatars

All official MindArk avatars now have a star clearly displayed above their avatar. Chat text from Official Avatars is also colored orange.

Other Enhancements

  • A message now informs participants when animals are in states where sweat cannot be gathered from them.
  • A problem with found deposits not being shown when mining has been fixed.
  • A refining problem that gave the message 'cannot execute' and forced the participant to 'Clear' and repeat the entire loading of materials process again has been fixed.
  • When changing continents using the Map panel, the name of the continent is now updated correctly.
  • A problem where attachments like amps bought at auction could not be used before relogging into the Entropia Universe has been corrected.
  • Melee animations that were sometimes interrupted when an avatar began to walk or run have been fixed.
  • Weapon shot animations are more responsive and the animation when shooting from 'Relaxed' position has been corrected.
  • A CTD which occurred when a long society name was entered into the Society Terminal has been fixed.
  • The so called shake bug that affected avatars after space flight has been resolved.
  • A problem with teleporting on the Asteroid that resulted in the avatar ending up underground has been fixed.
  • For inactive avatars that had not logged in since before VU7.5 there was a problem with their avatar name disappearing. This problem has been fixed.
  • Problems with updating avatar's PED card balance have been fixed.
  • A Revival Terminal that was floating in mid-air in Chugs Hideout has been fixed.
  • A new skill-gain effect has been included.
  • New Icons for In-World messages.
  • Numerous graphics fixes.

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