Version Update: 9.1.3
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Mini update, bug fixes
Content List VU 9.1.3

  • Killed Hiryuus no longer fall through ground and disappear from radar.
  • Shopkeepers and mannequins can be properly dropped in display areas.
  • Fertilizer stations correctly locked.
  • Land area settings can be edited again.
  • Estate Item Points corrected.
  • Leather, cloth and thread weights reduced.
  • Lodod Tank Top straps corrected.
  • Shift + TAB backward selection of interface panels working correctly.
  • Inventory item counter updates correctly.
  • Xfire installation option included.
  • A problem for Vista users that were encouraged to install Windows Media Player 9 or later even though they had Media Player 11 has been fixed.

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