Estate Area: Celeste North
Specifications                  [Edit]
Type:Apartment Complex
Continent:Planet Arkadia
Planet:Planet Arkadia

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These estates can be found in this Estate Area.

Erik Jay Jarman 00Edit
 Dean Puck Scott 219Edit
 Buckaroo Cardamine Marduka 22Edit
 Benjamin Ben Coyote 23Edit
 Forgo Forgorth Lundain 317NEdit
 Thom Thomvil Lund 418Edit
 Liscio Slim Jimz 51Edit
 Aleph Levi Benzait 515Edit
Clytemnestra Darksteel 613Edit
 Knivstolle Knivhugg blood 67Edit
Clytemnestra Darksteel 713Edit
 Rick Whatever Janson 73Edit
 Knivstolle Knivhugg blood 77Edit

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These shops can be found in this Estate Area.

NameTypeOwnerItemsExpiration periodBlock#Found On
 .PointShop -- TimoTeuzSweden --0Reset all items80Planet Arkadia
 Angels of ArkadiaShop 0Reset all items20Planet Arkadia
Arkadia Design GalleriesShop Nora Vjera Mills0Reset all items120Planet Arkadia
 Atrax TowerShop 0Reset all items100Planet Arkadia
 Beast's Department StoreShop 0Reset all items110Planet Arkadia
 Cat's Wishing WellShop Catiana Cat Well0Reset all items200Planet Arkadia
 Celeste North 4Shop 0Reset all items40Planet Arkadia
 Celeste North 17Shop 0Reset all items170Planet Arkadia
 Celeste North 18Shop 0Reset all items180Planet Arkadia
 Deep Space SuppliesShop Bjorn Bjorn Longstaff0Reset all items130Planet Arkadia
 Destination EntropiaShop 0Reset all items190Planet Arkadia
 Emma'sShop Master-Space-Solider0Reset all items30Planet Arkadia
 GloryHound BazaarShop 0Reset all items150Planet Arkadia
 Hidden Fortures and TreasuresShop Mikaile Mik Thereader0Reset all items90Planet Arkadia
 IFN SurplusShop 0Reset all items160Planet Arkadia
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